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Green Lentil Miso

Green lentil miso adds a beautiful, earthy umami flavour to dishes. It is perfect in simple soups and stews, but goes especially well with ones containing coconut milk.


1 packet Umami Chef Koji

300g cooked green lentils (use drained, canned lentils or cook 150g dried green lentils)

35g salt


  1. Ensure that all your equipment is very clean. Running it through a dishwasher is the easiest way to ensure cleanliness, but jars could also be placed in an oven at 90’C for 20 minutes, if a dishwasher is unavailable.
  2. Cool the cooked green lentils to room temperature
  3. In a large bowl, mix the koji, lentils and salt.
  4. Massage them together for a minute or two, so the lentil release some liquid.
  5. Squash the mixture into a jar, trying not to leave any pockets of air.
  6. Wipe any stray miso from the walls of the jar.
  7. Sprinkle a fine layer of salt on the surface, to prevent mold from forming. 
  8. Cut a piece of greaseproof paper or cling film to fit over the surface and then weigh down with a glass weight (a small jar filled with water that fits inside your big jar is perfect!)
  9. Cover with a t-towel, to prevent flies from entering.
  10. Leave to ferment at room temperature for 6 months



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