Umami Chef White Rice Koji

About Umami Chef

Umami Chef is a UK based food manufacturer that specialises in koji. We also use koji to make a range of fermented products for both consumers and businesses. Everything is naturally fermented, with no preservatives, other than the finest Droitwich Salt.

Our priority is producing products with exceptional taste, so we work with local suppliers to source ingredients of the highest quality. We then allow each ingredient to benefit from koji’s enzymes to create foods with an amazing depth of flavour.

Umami Chef is based in rural Worcestershire, and was founded by Jackie Bailey in 2019.



Jackie holding a large tray of koji which has just been dried

Jackie, an analytical chemist with a passion for Japanese food, discovered she was allergic to soy. Life without miso, soy sauce and many other fermented foods seemed inevitable. She began researching possible alternatives, but none matched the original for depth of flavour. It was then she discovered koji and the possibility of making miso and “soy” sauce from a range of other beans. She used her analytical background to research and develop a way of growing koji in the UK and is now able to enjoy all her favourite Japanese foods again.

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