Miso – Frequently Asked Questions

Umami Chef makes and sells miso, as well as providing a range of recipes for making your own using koji.  Here we answer some common questions about miso.  If you still have questions about this amazing product, please let us know in the comments

What is Miso?

Miso is from Japan, and is the name given to a fermented bean paste typically made from soya beans. You can make miso from all types of beans, and for a soya free alternative Umami Chef use fava beans or chickpeas.

Is miso vegan?

Yes, miso is traditionally vegan, and all the miso products Umami Chef sell are vegan. If you use miso to make a miso soup other ingredients may be added such as katsuobushi, or bonito flakes and these contain fish.

Is miso spicy?

No, miso is not usually spicy. Red (aka) miso gets the dark red colour from the longer fermentation process, and not through using chillies. Some miso may have chillies added, but this is not traditionally the case