Shio Koji – Frequently asked questions

Umami Chef makes and sells shio koji, as well as providing a recipe for making your own using koji.  Here we answer some common questions about shio koji.  If you still have questions about this amazing product, please let us know in the comments

What is shio koji?

Shio koji is the japanese for salt koji, and is made by fermenting koji with salt and water.

Why does Umami Chef shio koji not have bits of koji or rice in?

We filter our shio koji to remove the big particles so that it is easy for you to use in your recipes. We make sure that we leave all the enzymes so that the shio koji continues to have an amazing effect on foods it is added to.

Does shio koji contain alcohol?

Some shio koji manufacturers use alcohol to help preserve the shio koji. Umami Chef shio koji uses a special filter to help preserve the product without the need for alcohol.

How does shio koji tenderise meat?

Shio koji contains lots of enzymes that are produced by the koji. These enzymes include proteases, that help break down the proteins to create amino acids. These amino acids add the savoury umami flavour to the meat enhancing the flavour